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Mr Dorfman!

"Son, fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life."
There's your movie quote for today. It also sums up my life.

Yup, tied one on again last night. Unlike a year ago when I would get drunk and pass out in front of the t.v. because I was depressed, I now find myself so happy chatting with my wonderful furiends, that it seems like a party and I just drink too much. Hehe, plus I wasn't drinking alone. My foxy furiend Dex had had a few, and I just HAD to share one with Al Bear who ran to a liquor store across from his house. *hugs* So anyway, I wake up at 4:30 naked on the bed with all of the lights on. D'oh! And no one here to take advantage of the situation. Wait. The dog was wagging his tail an awful lot this morning. Hmmm. *LOL*

I am happy to have met yet another furiend! I chatted last night with Sahara Lion whom I had met at Confurence. Once again, there was no time at the con to really talk.

I also played Sabot Hussein last night and unleashed my WMD; weapons of moth destruction. I resorted to chemical weapons. Just before I went to bed (i.e. passed out) I counted 100 corpses littering the battlefield.

I better stop now. I have a lot of emotion bubbling just below the surface. I don't want to erupt just now.

BTW: The answer to yesterday's movie quiz..."Jackie Brown"
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