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Critter-filled weekend

What started off as a regular run-of-the-mill weekend ended up being a pretty special one. It all started Saturday with a nice massage from stoda. He'll soon be moving to the wilds of OK and was offering last-chance massages. Kitty and I left his studio all nice and relaxed. We decided to head up the road a bit to Wildlife West to see Koshari the bear. It had been a few months since we had seen him last. When we got there we were fortunate that Roger the manager was in the office. He took us to see the bear in an up close and personal way. It pays to be a major contributor to the park *grins*

On the way to the bear we were informed that Annie the squirrel had passed away. We were saddened at the loss, but very pleased to see that her cage was now occupied by an adorable baby raccoon. Oreo was just 6-8 weeks old and cute as anything! I snapped a pic of him all curled up in his cat bed and we proceeded to the bear enclosure. Koshari was looking good! he had a thick coat of shaggy black fur. Roger got him to pose on his hind legs by offering a drink of Sobe. *laughs* Kitty and I were handed a bunch of apricots and we fed them to the hungry bear. Roger noted that the bucket of donated apricots had started to go bad and so he dumped a big puddle of them into the bear enclosure. OMG! Koshari hungrily buried his muzzle into the orange mass and noisily stated to slurp them up. He looked like a little kid with apricot juice and pulp dripping for his mouth. Roger handed me a potato covered in cashew butter and I fed it to the bear as well. I laughed as he tried to get the sticky stuff off the roof of his mouth.

We left Koshari and walked around the rest of the park. When we got back to the office Roger realized that it was time to bottle feed the baby coon. He asked if we would like to do it. *beams* You wouldn't have to ask twice! I carried the little coon to one of the out-buildings and proceeded to give it a bottle of formula. He hungrily slurped down the milk. If you scritched his back he chittered excitedly like a purring cat. Even Kitty took a turn holding the little guy. He really liked her big hair *chuckles*

So an ordinary weekend became extraordinary. Oh, and to top things off lupine52 and another furry friend came down from CO to hang out with us for the 4th. We took them to Sadie's for dinner, and there'll be a nice furry BBQ tomorrow.

And I suppose you want pics...

Presenting Koshari! Official spokesbear for Sobe

Have an apricot, brother bear

Kitty's turn

Hungry coon!

Kitty gets paw slapped

Nice lobo shot
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