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4th of July Furry Bash

What started off as a small casual get-together ended up as a full-blown furmeet yesterday. The head count was around 15 furs plus 4 dogs. In attendance were our guests from CO, lupine52 and PJ Skunk, ari_foxy, thipher_84, tenax, shimmerfox, skitzycat, eaglem16, project122, Nightrider, Tim, and Druid. There was a special appearance by jeil_kitty. We also welcomed a new fur to the group, David Bunny, who is a talented artists. We also met Blue Light for the first time. I know he has been on the NM Fur list for a long time, but this was the 1st meet he has ever made.

The "bring your own meat" concept worked very well. The grill worked overtime cooking up burgers, chicken, steaks, and yummy portabello mushrooms. There were no planned events. Outside of watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" in deafening surround sound on the big screen, everyone was responsible to make their own fun. That was not a problem! The artists sketched, conversations were held throughout the house, and a rousing game of Apples to Apples was played on the patio. PJ and I climbed to the top of the mesa after dark to watch the light show, both the man-made one and the one that nature put on to the north. There were lots of spectacular cloud-to-ground blasts of lightning all around (and at a safe distance).

Overall it was quite the party! There's a lot of cleaning up to do and my internal clock is all screwed up thinking that today is a Monday. Our CO guests take off this morning and so our life will get back to something like normal for a few days. Then it's time for the yard sale on Sat.
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