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I got into a good discussion with another fur on LJ the other day about the nature of the fandom. I made a snide remark about how there is a danger of the fandom being slowly overrun with posers and wannabes. I guess I had to pull myself back a little because I was starting to sound like an elitist snob. While I would never define the fandom as a single thing, for we all know that if you ask 10 furs what the definition of "furry" is, you will get 12 answers, I have some specific things in mind when someone calls themselves a fur. I guess that makes it sound like a person has to pass certain criteria before I will classify them as a fur or simply a poser. I know it's not about "us" vs "them" but that's why I call myself a furry elitist.

It's all about the anthropomorphics. To me, it's the desire to enter the world of fantasy and not simply enjoy it from the outside that defines a fur as opposed to an anthropomorphic fan. I use the example of the Trekkie. I like Star Trek very much. I have seen all of the original series and the movies. I have seen most of TNG. I enjoy it. I like the characters. I am not, however, a Trekkie. I will not go to a Star Trek convention. I would probably not wear a Starfleet uniform. I will not learn Klingonese.

I heard some grumblings at and after AC that the fandom seems to be picking up more and more "outsiders" as the fandom grows. I have no problem with people looking into the fandom and perhaps having their "inner annimal" (doG I hate that expression!) awaken. Some of us have known that we were furry back in high school or earlier. Some have discovered it later in life. That's not important. What is important is that they're joining the fandom for the right reason. The fandom should not be the dumping ground for every goth and/or raver who look at us like a place for instant acceptance.

OK. This turned out to be a "serious Wednesday post" on a Friday. Like I said in an earlier post, my internal clock has been messed up due to the mid-week holiday. Stay furry!
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