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Weekends are for relaxing?

Oy! What a busy weekend! I need another one to recover from this one!

The fun started Friday with myself, Kitty, ari_foxy, and thipher_84 going out to see "Scary Movie 4." Wow. I felt like I was back in high school. I mean I had to turn down my mentality to one of a high school kid. Having just seen "The Village" on dvd and hating it, it was fun to see it made fun of. Having also hated "The Grudge" and "War of the Worlds," it wasn't all that bad to see them ridiculed so.

Saturday was our big yard sale. It was a bit frantic as we all did a lot of last-minute running around getting signs made and put up, getting merchandise out onto the driveway, dealing with early arrivers, getting change, and keeping the merchandise from 4 different sellers somewhat separated. There was a threat of rain all morning and we were constantly covering everything with tarps and then removing them a few minutes later when it stopped.

We had a fun morning watching all of the people paw through our stuff. We laughed at all of the senior citizens try to jew us down in price from 50 cents to 25 for some little household item. There was an old lady who had a fit because she told me to hold on to some pans but I sold them to another old guy who I thought was her husband. Another old couple fought over a wooden table because she wanted it but her husband didn't. She kept trying to get Ari to sell it for $3 instead of $5. When no one was around Ari and I did comedy theater using our best Harvey Firestein voices to mimic the obnoxious customers.

The sun came out about noon and we were boiled. Ugh! It felt like Miami. Finally a breeze picked up and it was bearable. At 3 we loaded up all of the stuff that didn't sell and took it to Goodwill. We made a little bit of money on the sale, but most importantly we got rid of some clutter. We still have a ways to go in that department.

scruff_e_coyote showed up after we got back from Goodwill. Kitty made a tasty lasagna, and we enjoyed a nice meal on the patio as a storm blew through. I was totally wiped out after dinner. I think the bottle of wine helped.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning. We introduced Scruffy to the joys of breakfast at Wecks. He was impressed by the huge burrito and mound of hash browns smothered in green chile. I took him for a walk up on the mesa afterwards to show him the suburban sprawl encroaching on my open space. At noon we headed over to Wildlife West for their bluegrass festival. We both fursuited the event. The humidity was a bit oppressive, but we managed to entertain the dozen or so kids that were at the concert with their parents. We then toured the park in suit, but the only critters that were interested in us were Moonshadow and Phantom, the mountain lions. They didn't know what to think of us big fuzzy things.

We headed back home, Scruff headed back to CO, and Kitty and I crashed with leftovers and "Chicken Little" on dvd. Surprisingly, it was an entertaining little film.
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