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Night Moves

I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder. How far off, I sat and wondered. Started humming a song from 1992. It's funny how the night moves.

OK. I'll stop my little Bob Seger moment.

It was unusual to have a thunderstorm roll through at 5:30 especially with how dry we've been over the past few days. I turned on the news and saw on radar that it was just one little cell passing to the south. I decided to brave the bike ride into work. It was a rather pleasant ride with just a few bolts of lightning off in the distance. During our conference call, however, the cell either re-developed or a new one formed because the downtown area was nailed with a thunderstorm. I watched a construction crane a few blocks away get nailed by a bolt as well as the roof of the hospital where the work was taking place. We lost power in the office for a few seconds and our conference call was interrupted. It was interesting hearing a huge blast of thunder come over the phone from somebody just to the south of us and then for us to get the sound a few seconds later. The storm was over as quickly as it blew in.

In computer news I have my desktop back. It's a Frankenputer in that it's the same old machine with a new brain. Yes, the old hard drive was fried and so I had them put in a bigger one. I also got a RAM upgrade since I was running on almost nothing according to today's standards. I also have a new functioning cd burned. It's a good enough system to get me along until I can buy something new and shiny. I just have to scrounge around to find my discs that had the drivers for various peripherals. If any of you geeks want to take a stab at data retrieval from the old disk, let me know. I'll be forever grateful and will reward you with beer, candy, or yiff, whatever you prefer *chuckles*
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