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Weekend stuffs

Yet another weekend that turned into a furmeet. On Friday evening scruff_e_coyote came down from CO. Kitty made yummy pork chops and all 3 of us plus ari_foxy had a nice dinner on the patio. On Saturday we took Scruff to Old Town for some shopping. Kitty and I picked up a couple more fetish carvings of a bear and a mountain lion. We had wanted to fursuit on the plaza, but the lack of a good changing location, the heat and humidity, and the want to also shop squashed the idea. By the time we got home, skitzycat and shimmerfox had arrived from Socorro. We headed over to a Chinese buffet where we were met by romamink who came up from southern NM. After dinner we all headed back to Fur Central to get our drink on.

On Sunday we had a nice breakfast at Mimi's and then went to see "Pirates..." We were joined by tenax who drove up from Socorro. Pretty good flick. Very entertaining. When we got back to Fur Central we were joined by thipher_84 and kaiwolf. I wish I could have been more social, but I had a leaky pipe in the sprinkler system that needed to be dug up and repaired. I did manage to get a little social for dinner when we all headed over to Quarters BBQ for a big plate o' meat. Mmmmmmmm. And that was the weeekend! More furry goodness!
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