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Thunderstorms and Bike Rides

The half-assed pipe repair job I attempted on Sunday didn't work, so it looks like I'm going to give up on my automatic sprinkler system for now. I have to dig up the whole valve assembly to replace the broken pipe and I am just not in the mood to deal with it. I'll probably just cap off the end and use old-fashioned sprinklers attached to a hose. I want to eventually re-do the entire backyard landscaping, and re-doing the sprinkler system was part of that plan.

Just as I got the garden and part of the lawn watered, the sky started getting dark and throwing off big bolts of lightning. Kitty, Ari, and I stood on the patio and watched the light show. It was most impressive! The sky finally opened up and it rained like heck for about 30 minutes. Who needs sprinklers when nature can take of things for you? *grins*

This morning I tried something new in my bike ride to work. Normally I take the river trail to a small feeder trail where I get dumped off on a street which takes me not too far from work. The street doesn't have THAT many cars, but it is fairly narrow. The other day I had noted that there appeared to be a bike path that paralleled I-40. I knew there was another feeder trail along the interstate, but I had no idea where it dumped you off. Today I did a little exploring. The trail is rather nice. Instead of cars, I just have to be concerned with the bums that seem to be camped along the trail on the other side of a fence. There is also the constant din of traffic on I-40 just a few feet away. The trail dumped me off in a part residential/part industrial area. It's pretty easy to navigate, though, at 7 a.m. I don't know if I'll use this route very much, but it's nice to have an alternative.
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