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"The Quiet Earth"

I introduced Kitty to one of my favorite sci-fi movies last night since it supposedly just became available on dvd. It's a film from New Zealand called, "The Quiet Earth." I saw it in a theater while at the U of I back in 1985. It was one of the only movies I ever went to where I knew nothing about the plot. I simply saw the poster with a silhouette of a man on a shoreline of some planet with a ringed planet rising above the horizon. I might have read a favorable review in the paper, but I knew nothing else. It was a rather simple "last man on Earth" type of plot, but it captivated me. There was also the element of never knowing exactly what happened. Was he and the other 2 people he encounters in their own universe or were they truly the last people left in this universe.

I rented the movie on VHS many years ago. I enjoyed it the 2nd time. Now I have watched it again for a 3rd time and enjoyed it yet again.

My experience with this movie was much better than another sci-fi movie I went to a few years later. In 1988 I went to see "Nightfall" which was supposed to be based on Isaac Asimov's classic story. I read a lot of Asimov in college, so I wanted to see this. Oy! It looked like a new age hippie movie project. It sucked big time! I felt like I had been ripped off since it was less than 90 minutes long. On the other paw, I was grateful to get out of the theater. I should see if it's on Netflix. It would be interesting to see if I find it as dreadful now as I did back then.
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