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Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

so pass the days of our lives. O.K. I'm probably overstating this a bit much, but it seems like my life is feeling like a soap opera. I think nothing is really different, but I sense a disturbance in the force. (no, not like a billion voices crying out in pain and suddenly silenced. OMG. I'm a geek! *LOL*). There has been a slight shift in my relationships with various people. Some are better, some are worse. Nothing blatant or obvious, but...skewed (?) I saw dexter_fox's post about finding a center. I think I may have to find a new center myself. Maybe a little more soul searching. Heck, that's all I do! That's what makes this so interesting. I just want to keep and strengthen all of the friendships I've developed.

Speaking of which...I hope I didn't piss off avenginglioness too much last night during chat. I made one of my ultra-dry humor comments to her and she vanished. Sorry if I offended, hon.

I found out this morning that a good workout can help shake the blues. I woke up in a fairly bad mood, but I decided to ride my bike in to work. Either I'm getting more out of shape, or I was setting too fast a pace. I was exhausted by the time I got to work! But life looked a whole lot better! Then I got my morning call from albear as he made his way through L.A. rush hour traffic. doG I love hearing his voice in the morning. It cheers me right up every time. Then my d.j. friend, Sam, played another one of my sets for his "Thursday Hard Set" Whoot! I stumped everyone! "Push"-Matchbox 20 "Open"-Bruce Coburn "Everything Must Go"-Steely Dan answer:signs you might see on a store's door. Sam thought it was an excellent set! Once again, he referred to me as Sabot. *grin*

O.K. Time to get some work done. *HUGS* to everyone!
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