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Another zooooom weekend

Where the hell did the weekend go?!? On the one paw it was nice to have no commitments and just lounge around the house, but it sure makes it feel like you accomplished nothing. It also sucked that I was on call over the weekend so I still had to wake up early for the 8:00 conference call. Bleh. Kitty and I did watch a couple of movies we had Netflixed. One was "Crimes of Passion" which I had seen in college 20 years ago and found it wonderfully sleazy. Hey, you gotta love Kathleen Turner as a teacher by day and a hooker by night and Anthony Perkins as a psycho priest who carries around a large metal dildo. The other movie was "Amores Perros", a Mexican flick that tried to be like "Pulp Fiction" or "Short Cuts," but doesn't quite make it. It's a good flick, but it could have been a little better. I have to ask furahi about the title. I thought it would translate into "Love Dogs" since the stories all have dogs in them in some fashion. The translation on the screen came up as "Love is a Bitch." I like my translation better. The movie was a bit hard to watch in places because the plot involved dog fighting for gambling. Actually, I rented the movie because I thought it was a video of a certain blue mutt at a private room party at a con *grins*

The rest of the weekend was spent geeking out playing "Europe in Flames" a WWII strategy game I have had laying around for years. See! I do play video games once in a while!

Oh, we also went furniture shopping at a store that was going out of business. Holy shit! $5000 leather sofas! $10,000 wall units! We did see a nice bedroom set that was $5,000 but probably reduced to $3000. Still! Goddamn!
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