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Building an ark

We had major storm #4 of the monsoon season pass over the house last night. Just before I left from work I checked the radar and saw a nice red blob to the north of the house heading south. Great. Here we go again. I made it home and the sky was dark black to the north. The storm was throwing off huge bolts of intense cloud-to-ground lightning. I grabbed my camera and headed up the mesa to try to grab some pics. I made it to the top when the rain started. Damnit! Back down I went. It started to pour and eventually started coming down in sheets. I nervously watched the channel that came down from the mesa. I started to notice little rivulets forming and thought about grabbing the shovel to start building a diversion channel. Unfortunately, there was lightning all around. Damnit! The rain finally let up enough that the ground had some time to soak up what was falling. After it stopped I ran out and started digging the diversion channel. I dug a trench about 20-30' long, a foot deep and a foot wide. Hopefully if we get any more rain it will provide a little protection and I won't have to worry as much.

This is some crazy weather! There has been lots of flooding to the south of ABQ. I also see from wolff_slaven's LJ that AZ has also been getting hit hard by this year's monsoon. Since we are still in the middle of a drought, I will still welcome all of this rain even though it is getting a bit excessive. It's actually a very interesting weather pattern which is causing this. There is a low pressure system parked over the state. It is just wandering back and forth from east to west pumping up moisture from Mexico. Sometimes we get the rain from the north, sometimes we get it from the south. It all depends on how far east or west the low pressure center is. Over the weekend we got very little rain in ABQ because we were at the center, kinda like the eye of a hurricane.
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