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Fursuiting the Four Corners

Kitty and I had a wonderful weekend visiting scruff_e_coyote up in Colorado over the weekend. We left around noon on Friday, and it was only a 4 hour drive up to Cortez, CO. We hooked up with Scruff at the motel and proceeded to the local brewpub for dinner. After that it was relaxing in the pool and room.

On Saturday we headed into Mesa Verde National Park. Kitty was not up to the semi-strenuous climbs to the most spectacular of the ruins (which also required tickets and the lines were LOOOONG), so we just toured some of the smaller ruins and the overlooks to the bigger ruins. Scruff forgot the keys to his hogan (yes, he's living in a round house constructed for Indian workers 40+ years ago) and so we drove back to Cortez so he could get his keys. It worked out because we had lunch at a local diner. Back to the park we went and he was able to show us his living conditions. Very quaint and comfortable. We toured more ruins and then headed back into town for dinner. We ate at a small Italian place which had incredible food. I'll write a rant later in the week about screaming babies. There was art all over the walls including a bunch of prints by this artist OMG! It was so furry!

On Sunday we did a little guerrilla fursuiting*. We had wanted to suit the Four Corners. It is the only place in the US where you can stand in 4 states at the same time. As far as we know nobody had ever fursuited this spot. So there's a new record! The first furs to have fursuited in 4 states at once! I remember the site having a crappy little monument from when I visited the site in the 80's. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the site had been completely redone with a very nice monument. The land is also Indian reservation and the Indians have gotten smart and now charge to get in. Scruff was already in suit when we pulled up. We told the woman that the coyote was only 6 years old, so she let him in for free! I suited up in the parking lot and we were off to the monument.

There weren't a lot of tourists at the site yet, so we were able to get some good pics. A lot of people also took pics of us and asked us to pose with them *smiles* Scruff was a little concerned that the Indians might not appreciate fursuiters especially a coyote. Wrong! There were many booths set up where the natives from the area were selling crafts and jewelry. Many asked for pics with us! We were very warmly received. Several people didn't have emails, but I will gratefully mail pics to them on my own dime. A few people wanted to have pics for their stalls or their workshops. The Indian kids that were there with their folks seemed to really enjoy us as well. Scruff lived up to his reputation as the trickster by pounding on the doors of occupied port-a-potties and running away. In one case the brother of the tourist in the john told Scruff to do it again so he could capture the whole thing on video. *lol* All in all it was a great fursuiting opportunity.

And of course.....PICS!

Besides a state of confusion, what state is the yote in? He seems ready to jump back into Colorado.

Trying to be a bear rug that covers 4 states.

2 fursuiters, 4 states

Cliff Palace Ruins, Mesa Verde National Park

Scruff finds a home at Mesa Verde

No, not a fursuit, but a very tame bunny near one of the ruin stops

Testing my camera's resolution. You can make out my legs and the Furmobile in the bunny's eye.

*copyright 2005, Al Bear
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