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Polish Salsa!

OK. I switched my serious Wednesday post to Tuesday, so today's post is light and carefree *giggles* My garden has kicked into high gear and has been producing an abundance of tomatoes and peppers. Kitty and I have been putting tomatoes into salads almost every night, but they started to pile up in the vegetable basket where we store fresh produce. I decided to whip up a batch of salsa. I found a recipe many years ago that has been my standby. This year I used Kitty's food processor which made the task of chopping everything up a breeze. The recipe was:

6 tomatoes
1 onion
4 jalapenos
2 banana peppers
2 green peppers
1T garlic
4T cilantro
juice of 2 limes

This was the first time I used garlic and it really improved the taste. I also usually use anaheim peppers instead if bananas, but my green chile crop didn't materialize while the bananas have been prolific. The recipe also calls for green onion, but since kitty is allergic, I left them out.

I brought a batch into the office today to see if would please the palate of hardcore New Mexicans. So far I have received a lot of compliments especially from my Hispanic co-workers. Woohoo! Even a pollack can make good salsa!

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