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Socorro, Snakes, & Scruff

We had another nice weekend with scruff_e_coyote who came down from CO. This time it was for tenax's belated birthday bash down in Socorro. We had a nice relaxing dinner on Friday when Kitty made a new casserole. On Saturday we took Scruff to the Flying Star Restaurant for a tasty breakfast. We then headed down to Socorro. I wanted to make a stop at the Rio Puerco which is usually a dry riverbed just before it enters the Rio Grande but had been flooding in the previous days. It's a tiny creek, but it drains 5% of the state. It has been know to have incredible floods including one which wiped the town of San Marcial off the map several decades ago. As we got out of the vehicles someone noticed something under a root ball.

Muthah f*ckin snakes in the muthah f*ckin desert!

If you look closely you will see 2 tails, so perhaps the snakes were yiffing.

It was a nice low-key party for Tenax. Also in attendance besides Kitty and Scruff were skitzycat, shimmerfox, furrysparkles, and Brad, who I know has an LJ but didn't catch his name. Tenax made a bunch of tasty food for us. I contributed a batch of my homemade salsa. We just hung out and watched Robot Chicken and The Muppet Show. We also took a nice long walk with the dogs around the university campus.

On Sunday there was a bit of a distubance up on the mesa. Anubis hopped over the fence and stared intently up to the top of the mesa. Was it a yote?

What was Anubis staring at?!? A yote?

Yes! It was a yote!

And what a fine looking specimen of yote!

He was obviously searching the yards for tasty cats and poodles

He was kind enough to pose for a pic. What a nice yote!

I should mention that we found a snake very close to where the pics were taken. Fortunately it was just a bullsnake who is very welcome in the area because I seem to recall they like to take on rattlers. Unfortunately he slithered off before I could get a pic.
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