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"My python boot is too tight. I couldn't get it off last night.
A week went by, and now it's July.
I finally got it off and my girlfriend cried,
'You got stinkfoot!"
---Frank Zappa

I made a mistake when cleaning out old clothes and such. I threw out all of my ratty sneakers and just kept one pair. I tried to take good care of them, and for the most part they were lasting quite long. During the floods a few weeks ago I had no choice but to put on the sneakers to fight the waters that were pouring down the hill. At one point my shoes got completely soaked. I dried them as best as I could, but I noticed that they had developed an odor. I Febreezed them, but the odor lingered. It was quite noticeable when you walked into the house. I started keeping the shoes outside. I Febreezed them again. I put them out in the hot sun. Finally I threw them into the washing machine. I immediately Febreezed them again. No dice. I don't know what's living in my shoe, but refuses to die.
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