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Caught in a Trap

Bears hate traps. We occasionally like to get tied up, but that's a different story *grins* This morning I got snared in a trap, a speed trap. The cops had set up a blitz about a mile from the house and I got nailed for 51 in a 40. I usually do about 45 in that stretch but since I had no one around me at the time I really had no idea how fast I was going. My eyes were on the traffic light a few blocks ahead and I was trying to make it. Judging from the volume of cars the cops had pulled over I would say that there are a LOT of speeders on that stretch of road. The city just bought a bunch of new laser detectors, and I guess they want to get out there and play with their new toys. The good news was that I was let off with just a warning. That restores a little confidence in the police. That is just as effective a deterrent as writing out an actual ticket. If public safety is their primary concern, then this is a good thing. My co-worker who drives 100+ miles a day despises cops in the rural areas south of ABQ. He knows that they're just in it for the fines which help fund the police departments in poor districts. There is crime all over those areas but Johnny Law is out there busting speeders, the majority are hard-working people going to and from work. He's not going after Charlie Crackhead because that would be too much work, and dangerous work at that.
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