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A lazy bear weekend

Not much to report after this weekend. It was mainly spent watching movies and doing a few chores around the house. Yes, Kitty, thipher_84, and yiffyraptor, and I went to see "S.o.a.P." on Friday. Yes, we had a great time even though there were not that many people in the theater since it was a matinee. I enjoyed it much more than "Flightplan" which we watched on Dish later. We also MST3K'd it adding lots of snake references. We also watched "Everything Is Illuminated" which we had Netflixed. The movie had me going until the end, it threw in a twist, and it blew the whole movie for me. Looking at the comments on the IMDB I was not the only one who couldn't figure out what the heck happened. We also watched "Gods and Monsters" which is an outstanding movie. Kitty and I also discovered a Mexican restaurant within walking distance of the house. I knew it was there but thought it was mainly carry-out. We had a nice walk there and back for Sunday breakfast. The only bad thing was that the recent rains have produced an incredible crop of goat heads which now line the sidewalks. There will be lots of flat bike tires in the near future when the thorns/seeds ripen and fall off. I hate those damn things!
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