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Friday wrap up

If you read Kitty's LJ you know that we have been having trouble with our cable modem. Comcast has been trying to blame our Dish Network for the outage, but there have been many calls from ABQ about dropped service. I want to just chuck Comcast out the window, but they have fed me the crack of high-speed Interaweb. I did the little speed test thingy that has been going around on LJ and was getting download speeds of 6 MBS. I just tried it at work and got 1 MBS. We have been thinking about going to DSL, but Qwest doesn't offer the really high speed connection (5 MBS) in our area. The best they could give us is 256 KBS. Holy crap! Talk about turtle speed! Why don't I just get friggin' dialup?!? *sigh* Hopefully our flood of calls to customer service will yield some results.

MFM is less than a week away. I still have one bed slot open. You will be sharing space with aethwolf. Cost is $25/night. I know the wuff is a little apprehensive because he doesn't know what to expect from Sabot room parties. Quite frankly, neither do I! They could be laid-back affairs with a few friends sitting around drinking and yerfing or they could be rowdy affairs that look like something from a Huey Lewis video only without the bad 80's hair. *lol* I would post one of those "Do and Don't" list thingies, but you should know that just about anything goes with this bear. *grins* I guess the only "Don't" would be "Don't act like a f*cking tard around me!" Other than that you can grope/hug/cuddle/yiff/dry hump all you want while I'm in fursuit or out. I still don't know what fursuit I'm bringing. I had one request for Nevada, so maybe the polar bear will make another appearance.

Oh yeah! We have a houseguest for the weekend! radjin is here visiting his family, so he's staying with us, his furry family. We'll have to see what kind of fun we can think up for the weekend.
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