Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Pre furmeet furmeet

I am making preparations to head to Memphis on Wednesday. Not much got done over the weekend because Fur Central was once again the focal point of furry goodness. radjin was staying with us as was Kenny Kitsune who came up from El Paso. We had nothing really planned except for a dinner at Red Robin on Saturday and Tony Roma's on Sunday. The Sunday dinner was an early birthday party for ari_foxy who now has the unfortunate luck to have a birthday on 9/11. Over the course of the weekend we had visits from, thipher_84, tenax, and furrysparkles. We also had the pleasure of meeting 2 local furs, Raji aka nightsriddler and her mate Leo. They heard about us from Wolf who came down from CO to be with them who knew about us from nevermint. Ah! You gotta love the furry "6 degrees of separation" (which is more like 3 degrees in the fandom). They're really fun to hang out with and we were bummed to find out that they will be leaving soon to live in SoCal. Coming home from Red Robin Kitty was talking with Leo and Raj about fursuiting. Leo had mentioned that he would LOVE the opportunity to try on a fursuit someday. *grins* When we got home I put him in Abbey and Raj in Zunipup. Yay! I have claimed 2 more fursuit virgins! They were thrilled to be in suit. Much silliness ensued and many pics were taken.

The house is now free of guests, and our lives will be back to normal for at least 2 days. Looking forward to getting to Memphis now!
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