Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

More furry converts

We had a pizza party at lunch today for a departing Summer hire. Two fellow office workers finally noticed my collar. They're both nice guys, but muy macho. They asked what it meant. They suggested that it was a B&D thing to which I told them, no. They pressed me for an answer, but since the room was crowded with people, I didn't feel like blurting out, "It signifies I'm furry!" I grinned and said, "Watch TLC next Tuesday." That made them more curious. Finally the person sitting next to me said, "Oh, let him eat his pizza!" She then whispered in my ear, "What's on next Tuesday?" So I explained furry to her. She thought it was cool! I invited her back to my desk to show her a photo of me with Stalking Cat. She thought it was great! A little while later, one of the questioning guys came back to my section to ask again about the collar. I flat-out told him it signifies I was a furry. Now don't get me wrong. I really like this guy, and he thinks I'm great because I do weird stuff, especially when I applied to be on "Survivor." He just couldn't grasp the furry concept. I showed him a picture of me in bearsuit. He still didn't get it. Finally another office mate came over and said, "It's role playing. You wear biker stuff when you ride your Harley, but you ain't no biker." The light went on. Oh! WOW! COOL! THAT'S WILD! *grin* Another person accepts furriness!
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