Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
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MFM -- Day 3

Not much to report from yesterday. I suited up for the fursuit parade. That was fun. The pizza party was pretty good although the quality of the za was sub-par. I did eat my fill, however, since it was about the only meal I ate all day. I found a few comics in the Dealer's Den but that was about all that caught my interest. My room party went X-rated and it was a nekkid bear furpile for most of the night. I figured since nobody seemed to be showing up to just sit and yerf, I might as well sit and yiff (or get hogtied).

I'm not liking the vibe of the con. It's almost too relax-a-con. I found Califur to be a better time. Perhaps I just need Kitty, Al, and Dex to have a better time. I am calling my mood this morning PPCD, Pre-post con depression. I'll just hang out in the lobby for a bit and chat with folks as they walk through. It's almost noon, so I may crack open a cold one.
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