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MFM-- Day 4 and wrap up

After my last emo post I had folks coming up to me trying to cheer me up. I guess I wasn't the only LJ slut at the con *chuckles* I thought about suiting and with encouragement from berin, I did. brace_bear wanted to suit with a fellow bear, so he joined me for a good time wandering around the hotel and Dealers' Den. That certainly cheered me up! I sat in on one greymuzzle panel about when it is appropriate to be furry. I think many were surprised to hear how my office walls are plastered with bear cartoons and fursuit pics. After that I hit the Masquerade and was sorely disappointed. Worst...performances...EVAR! I have to give credit to the people who get up there and perform. I have been there so I know it IS hard work. But for the love of doG, do something that will be entertaining for the audience! I was sitting with winterwolf319 and he was lost when it came to inside jokes. That's one of my beefs with MFM, there is way too much *nudge nudge wink wink* stuff between the staff that the majority of the con goers have no idea what the heck it's supposed to mean. Based on the number of hands that went up when the question was asked, "Is this your first MFM?" the inside jokes have no meaning to a lot of people. There is nothing more alienating than sitting in a big room and not getting a joke with others laughing around you. I felt this at my first MFM and I still somewhat feel it today. There is the same cliquishness found at this con as with AC, but fortunately TC doesn't have the overbearing ego of a Kage and as shown at the end of this con, there is and will be rotation of the staff.

Anyway...I digress. I had to get more beer to be able to stand the skits that were presented at the Masquerade. After it was over I had dinner with jugularjaguar who had ordered take-out BBQ. It was much better than the stuff I got at the Rendezvous a few nights earlier. The ice-cream social was fun. A large balloon was being bounced around the audience which then became a few dozen thanks to bjbuttons. It was a fun time! The fursuit games followed but I decided to sit them out because Nevada was still sweaty from my earlier outing. I played cameraman for Brace Bear instead as well as acting as a go-fer when the water ran out in the headless lounge. Trust me! A fursuiter is very motivated when he sees his fellow suiters in need! Later that night I tried to get another room party started, but once again it never materialized.

On Monday I brought down all of my unconsumed soda and alcohol to the lobby and gave it away. I was pretty bummed that I had that much left over. I said good-bye to everyone and just hung out until 11. It was an uneventful flight back to ABQ. Kitty picked me up and we went out for dinner. I didn't want to get too close to her, however, because I picked up a nasty case of con crud. Bleh! So now I'm back at work and the mundane world is closing in around me once again. Overall impression of the con: Fair. Perhaps 2 stars out of 5. I saw that the attendance only increased 2% as opposed to the "usual" 10%. I don't know how much longer I will go to this con. It's nice and small, but the location sucks. It's expensive to get to Memphis and there's just nothing around the hotel that makes it worthwhile. Since my brother bear is now on staff, I may have to go to help him out if he asks. Oh well. I have MFF to look forward to in just over 2 months and FC 2 months after that.
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