Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Mesa Stories

Yesterday was an interesting day in back of Fur Central. It started off with going for walkies with Anubis. I have written in the past about all of the stuff I have found up on the mesa from pr0n to money to the (in)famous "lamp of love.". Since I walk up on the mesa almost every day I can immediately spot something new. Yesterday I noticed a laundry basket that had towels in it. I went up to the basket and pulled on one of the towels. A paw came flopping out. I jumped back and sized up the situation. I pulled the towel back a little more to reveal a small dead dog. Yes, some fucker once again dumped their dead dog up on the mesa. I was pissed. The soil is sandy and it would have taken about a minute to dig a grave for the small dog which was no bigger than a large cat. But no. It was much easier to just wrap it in a towel and dump it. They must have cared about the pet in some way in that they bothered to put it on a cushion in a laundry basket. This is the 2nd dog I have found up there. The first one was a large dog that was dumped in a big black bag. The coyotes found it after a couple of weeks and ate it over the course of another week. I almost rolfed when I saw the half-eaten carcass. I have also found a few graves with small crosses with the pet's name on it with a collar or dog bowl nearby. I have also found mystery bags. About a month ago I found a black plastic bag that had bugs on it and smelled foul. I kicked it and it had the right size to be a human head. It could have been a dead cat. It could have been a dead dog. I never bothered to find out. It disappeared a couple of days later.

As we made our way back home I could see that a serious storm had developed to the north. It wasn't throwing off a lot of lightning, but I could see sheets of rain pouring down. The storms were moving west to east so I figured we wouldn't get any since the sky behind me to the west was relatively clear. We made it back home and I proceeded to do stuff around the house. About 30 minutes later the skies opened up. It came down in buckets! I noticed the yard started to flood. That meant there should be runoff coming down the mesa. This would be a test of the 120' long drainage ditch I had dug a few months back. I ran to the upstairs window to watch the gully. Sure enough I saw a brown river starting to come down. I ran outside into the storm with shovel in paw to make sure the ditch stayed open. Oh noez! A new rivulet had formed coming down the mesa which was starting to flow into my wall. I tried my best to divert it, but there was no place for it to go. It was then that I realized that the sky directly above me was crackling with non-stop thunder. I couldn't see any lightning, but I knew there must have been continuous bursts of cloud-to-cloud lightning for there to be that much thunder. I panicked and ran back into the yard. I knew I had to check to see if my drainage ditch was working. I ran back out to look. Much to my delight the ditch was working! A brown torrent of water was being diverted to the concrete channel which lead to the street. I helped the water along by digging out high spots and advancing the head cutting that was taking place. The stormed ended as quickly as it began and soon the gully dried up.

Today I went to check on the damage. My channel is now a couple of feet deep in places. A nice headcut has formed near the concrete channel and hopefully it will eat back into the sand that has been deposited in this year's storms. I'm a bit screwed when it comes to the new gully that has formed. There is no way I can extend my ditch to intercept it since there is a rock outcrop between the new gully and my ditch. I may just have to fill it in somehow or try to divert it higher up.

Holy crap! A coyote just came trotting by about 20' in back of my wall. Talk about a brave little s.o.b.! It was beautiful, though. A very good looking yote.
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