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Ahhhhh Geek out! Le Geek, C'est Geek!

I spent yesterday geeking out like I hadn't in about 20 years. Yes, tenax pulled me back into the world of old skool RP gaming. He has been hosting Ironclaw/Jadeclaw games (along with others) at his den for a long time. At the last furmeet it was decided that he would run a campaign at Fur Central and all of us "noobs" could join in. The last RPG I had played was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in college. We're talking 1987 here. I'm not sure how I would fit in with the geek squad. Well, let's just say that being a flaming furry helps in allowing ones inner geek to freely come out.

In attendance we had myself, Kitty, ari_foxy, tenax, furrysparkles, leo_tiger, and nightsriddler. thipher_84 showed up later and took over the role that was played by Leo who had to leave early. I got to play a bard badger who I tried to play as a ham. It was a fun character. I kept thinking about Dr Smith from the "Lost in Space" series for some reason. "Oh, the pain! The pain!" There was much laughter and good times. There was also lots of good food and a birthday cake for Ari whose birthday is today and nightsriddler whose birthday was Saturday. Happy birfday to you both!

Thanks to all who also voted in my "chicks with dicks" poll. It made Ari very happy.
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