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Loose Change gets Owned!

On the way home from work, my "favorite" lefty-liberal radio show, "Democracy Now," actually had a great show. They put together the clowns from Loose Change, the ones that made the Internet video about how 9/11 was a big conspiracy planned and executed by the Bush Administration, with the editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine who did a comprehensive de-bugging of most of 9/11 conspiracy theories. It was a very lively 30 minutes. I knew the Loose Changers were going to take a beating since I read the story by PM thanks to spikedpunch who posted the link on his post today. It's rare that such a good debate takes place on Democracy Now because they usually just get the ultra lefty view and say that the person representing the right viewpoint refused to answer them. This leads to one-sided journalism which is something they are supposed to be fighting against. I knew the LC people were going down immediately when they opened with an attack on Popular Mechanics magazine saying it was run by the yellow journalism of the Hearst Corporation. *blinks* Huh? The Popular Mechanics guys took on the conspiracy theories point by point while the LC folks ranted about the corruption of the Bush administration. They got all excited about tiny little details that could not be explained while their major points were shot down by science and tales of how people that were quoted in the film complained that their quotes were taken out of context. Most of LC's points were based on communications and statements that were made immediately after the attacks occurred. So they spliced together a dozen people saying they heard explosions prior to the collapse of the towers and concluded that there must have been explosives planted in the towers. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. They finally had both side of the argument fairly represented and it lead to lively debate. One side left looking like the fool.
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