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I walked past Civic Plaza yesterday at noon where they were going to be having a 911 memorial. I thought about staying for a bit, but I just kept on walking. You see, I picked up a funny vibe walking across the square. There were lots of American flags. There were lots of older men wearing POW/MIA jackets. There were several people in wheelchairs. I walked on. I think later I heard something to the effect of "Let's remember those who died on September 11, 2001 and all of those who later died in Afghanistan and Iraq." Whoa. Just stop right there. For the love of doG! Stop equating what happened 5 years ago to what happened later! The 2 are mutually exclusive! And as I looked at the men who were probably Vietnam War veterans and as I looked at the men in the wheelchairs wearing the DVA hats I thought of a quote brought up by berin in a recent post, words uttered by Johnny Rotten during the last Sex Pistol's concert, "Ha ha! Don't you feel cheated!"

I just can't comprehend that you are so proud of the military who sent you overseas to fight a worthless war. If someone told me that I had to climb a tree to save a starving kitten and when I got the branch, there was no kitten there. There never was one. Then I fall from the tree. I break my leg and as I look up I see that person shrugging and saying, "I thought I saw a kitten" and then walking away, leaving me lying on the sidewalk. Would I just laugh and say, "Oh well!" Wouldn't I be pissed at that person?

Is there some sort of coping mechanism in the human brain that we try to put a spin on a bad situation to make it seem alright? I get my leg blown off in Vietnam. That's ok! I LOVE my country! I come back from Iraq without an arm. God bless the USA! I'm proud of my sacrifice! But why did you have to make that sacrifice at all? The only "legitimate" war we should have fought was in Afghanistan where the terrorists were hiding. And to those that fought in Afghanistan, you should also feel cheated because resources that could have helped you have a complete victory have been siphoned off to Iraq.

I find it sad that we have been known and will be known as such a militaristic country. I can understand the concept of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. I can understand that we have to keep an eye open on China. We do have to be ready to respond to threats to our national interest, which unfortunately has been turned into a need to protect corporate greed. I would just like to see an America which rules the world by the purse strings. I would like to see the America which floods the market with its innovative products that the world wants. I want America to be the country that foreigners stream to for an education unparalleled in the world. I want to see vibrant cities with superior infrastructure. We're so close, yet so far.
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