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Diversionary Tactics

I think I had suggested this theory in an earlier post but recent events have made me think about it again.

What if George W and crew are not as clueless as we have been lead to believe? What if Iraq IS a legitimate piece of the "war on terror" puzzle? How? Iraq becomes the whipping boy in the battle between Western capitalist thinking vs. Islamic fundamentalism. Overall it's not that bad of an idea. It's a bit insidious in that our soldiers our put in harm's way in this very non-conventional war without being told the actual strategy. They ARE doing their duty in defending this country, just in a very roundabout way. Essentially we make Iraq the total focal point of all fundamentalist anger. Instead of blowing up a car bomb in Manhattan, which would be difficult to do with all of the extra security and surveillance, the terrorists will use their energy in blowing up car bombs in Baghdad which is easy to do. They still get to kill Americans which makes them happy. Good news for us. Bad news for our soldiers (and of course the Iraqi people). I actually saw on the news an Al-Quida leader talk about how they will focus on Iraq. Bingo! And our soldiers can blow the shit out of any suspected terrorist camps/houses with impunity because its a war zone. The CIA and FBI have to deal with all sorts of legal issues here. There, we can just kill them. So yes. Perhaps GW is keeping America safe by keeping the battle on the other side of the planet. Perhaps this is all just a coincidence. If there is another attack in America, we will know for sure that the strategy didn't work (if there was a strategy at all).
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