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Hogan Heroes

I spent a lovely weekend up at Mesa Verde National Park with scruff_e_coyote. For a very poetic description of the weekend, you can read his LJ post. I left on Friday afternoon and 4 hours later I was up in Cortez. We were supposed to meet sometime around 5. Unfortunately Scruff didn't get my last email where I stated my backup plan. I was scheduled to arrive at a local supermarket by 5. If either of us didn't show up by 5:30, we would meet up at his place in the park. I waited until 5:40 and proceeded up into the park. I waited and waited, but no Scruff. I downed a couple of bitch beers and read a magazine. No Scruff. By 8 I was worried. By 9 I was seriously thinking about calling the cops and filing a missing yote report. Just before 10, Scruff shows up. He had been waiting at the supermarket for a few hours. Doh! And here I thought my plan was foolproof! It would have been if he had read his email! *shakes bear paw at the little yote* It was too late to really eat, so we munched on chips and salsa and drank numerous bitch beers. Much snuggling ensued. *grins*

Now I should tell you where Scruff lives. He lives in a hogan. A hogan is a traditional Navajo house which is circular (usually with a door that opens to the east.) You gotta love a house where you need pi to measure the square footage! *lol* (Mmmmmmm. Pi.) These hogans were built by Navajo workers in the 20's as employee housing. They have survived over time and are still used as employee housing. They have been updated with modern conveniences like gas heat, refrigerator, stove, and lights. What they don't have is a bathroom. You have to use the communal bathroom down the road. This is sub-optimal when you have to take a dump at 4 am. So it's just like camping, only much more comfortable.

On Saturday Scruff took me on a tour of several ruins that are currently closed to the public. It was so nice being able to walk around some extremely beautiful ruins with no tourists around. It was so peaceful! It felt as if we had the whole park to ourselves, which was pretty close to the truth! After hiking around we retreated back to the hogan for a fish dinner and more alky goodness. Never buy WalMart insta-light charcoal! It burned for about 10 minutes and went out. Grrrrrr. That evening there was a frost warning, but I don't know if it got down to 32. It was a bit chilly going out to pee at 4 am, but flannel footy jammies are perfect for nights like this.

The next morning we slept in and just yerfed. I took a few fursuit pics of the yote in his hogan. We then took a short hike up to the top of this mesa with commanding views of most of the park. It was very windy and quite chilly. The views were spectacular! It was nice to see that the San Juan Mts had the first dusting of snow for the year. Hopefully it will be a foreshadowing of a good snow season. After the hike we said our good-byes and I was on my way. I was home by 6 and treated to a nice dinner at Olive Garden with my Kitty and Ari. All-in-all a wonderful weekend! Oh yes....and pics!

A yote den

Hi there! My name is Scruff E! Welcome to my humble hogan!

Doin' the big bear belly badger dance!

Long House. Closed to the public Labor Day thru Memorial Day.
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