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The family drama story

I made a post a few days ago about some drama with my family. Here's the story in a nutshell. My mom's 80th birthday is in 2 weeks. My sister and I planned to head out to Chicago to celebrate it with her. My uncle also wanted to do something for his sister. You have to understand that he is an anal retentive control freak. He sends an email saying he is checking into local restaurants and that my sister and I "should bring our plastic." Ummmm. ok. We were thinking about a small get together at a family style buffet place. My uncle was thinking full-blown restaurant including open bar. This made me pause. Wait! You want to invite 40 people at around $20/person?!? I then asked a question which I believe insulted him, "Who is paying for this?" He never made it clear whether my sister and I would be paying for the whole thing or if it would be split between 4 of us (w/ my other uncle, his brother). I also had a concern about paying for liquor. The next email I got from him was stating that he wanted nothing further to do with the planning. Huh? One email from me and you're throwing in the towel?!? He also made a highly insulting comment in that people might not show up if there wasn't free booze. I basically told him that my sister and I would handle everything. It was then that I realized that it didn't make sense for us to host this huge dinner. We already had plans to take our mother out to a swanky restaurant in Chicago. perro can probably attest to the fact that the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building is a pretty elegant place. Why should we spend $500 on one dinner and then another $800 for another? This is on top of $400 for airfare (which doesn't even include Kitty's ticket). It just didn't make sense! I sent an email to my uncle explaining everything that happened and apologized if there was any misunderstanding. The only reply I received was a notification that the party was canceled. *facepaws* So that's that. My sister and I will be able to treat our mother to a nice night out, but I am a little bummed that the rest of the extended family won't be able to celebrate with her. I suppose we could still try to pull something together in 9 days, but our hearts are just not into it. It's one of those shitty situations that we want to do something for someone we love, after all it's all about her enjoyment, not ours, but the hassle is just not worth it.
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