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Members Only

Kitty and I had a very nice evening yesterday. Since we are members of the zoological society, we were invited to their annual meeting. Actually, the zoo is now combined with the botanical gardens and the aquarium, so it's a very sweet deal to be able to get in to all of the attractions with one membership. I remember going to the aquarium when I first got to ABQ 7 years ago and was a little disappointed. I guess having grown up with a world-class facility like the Shedd Aquarium and having swam the barrier reefs of Belize and Australia, it just didn't cut the mustard, especially with fairly high admission prices.

Last night we walked around the botanical gardens in peace. They were nice enough to let us in early so we could stroll around while waiting for the events to start. There were supposed to be snacks for us and we were very happy to discover that the snacks turned out to be green and red chile chicken enchiladas with beans and rice. Score! Free dinner! We got a nice behind-the-scenes look at the aquarium. I kept telling all of the stingrays, "You killed Steve!" After dinner there was the actual annual meeting where we heard about all of the upcoming improvements. I guess ABQ is still actively pursuing getting a panda. We'll see if that happens. Of course I had an ulterior motive for attending the meeting, making fursuiting contacts! I will keep trying to crack that nut known as fursuiting at the zoo. There are concerts every week during the Summer. I'm sure I could entertain the kiddies before the concerts start. I also want to play Santa Bear at the River of Lights celebration that happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas at the botanical gardens. I gave my business card to the special events coordinator. Keep your claws crossed!

On the way home we noticed that the sky was filled with lightning to the north and west of home. A few weeks ago there was a 40% chance of rain and we got nothing. Here there was only a 10% chance of rain and it was pouring by the time we got home. At one point during the storm I went to ask Kitty a question. I thought a lightbulb had exploded next to my head. As I turned and started to say, "What the fu-" there was a clap of thunder like I haven't heard in years! It was not quite a *flash! BOOM!* but it was pretty darn close! It was so loud it set off Kitty's car alarm. It certainly got the blood flowing!
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