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Da boids

I love this time of year. There's nothing quite like hopping into my footed jammies and sitting out on the patio in the morning enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee. I know I have written many times about watching the wildlife on the mesa. It's just such a treat! If and when I move, I hope I can find a comparable place somewhere. A couple of weeks ago we set out a hummingbird feeder. Since then it has been non-stop buzzing. They are territorial little suckers and there have been spectacular aerial battles as they vie for dominance. Sometimes it looks like the skies over Europe during WWI, only with birds instead of bi-planes. *lol* This morning there was also an assortment of raptors that flew overhead or landed on the mesa top. One was big enough to be a golden eagle. I have no idea what the various species were. I'm terrible at raptor identification. The usual players also made their appearance this morning including the canyon towhee, road runner, curve-billed thrasher, and assorted finches and sparrows. I'll know that Winter is right around the corner when the juncos start showing up. I hope some exotic species stop by on their way south. It should just be a matter of time.
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