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Furry Akhbar! (Furry is great!)

On the way in this morning I was listening to NPR. They were interviewing a high ranking Islamic cleric. As he was speaking about the current state of religion in the world this stupid little thought popped into my head, Islam today is a lot like furry. My theory is based almost completely on nothing, but as the scholar talked about how we must all understand Islamic thought in order to make this a better world, I pictured a fur talking about "fursecution" and whining about how we're not accepted. Blah blah blah. Islam is about peace, but not many other religions have members blowing themselves up and taking out a few dozen with them. Furry is about wholesome family fun! Then why are so many people dry-humping in hotel lobbies and bowling alleys? I think the more moderate leaders of the Islamic faith are sounding like some of the leaders of the fandom. Ignore the fursuit sheaths, leather dogs/wolves, spandex cat-boys, and drawings of macro watersports. We're totally G-rated! Just like we should ignore statements like Israel should be eliminated and the Holocaust never happened. Should I compare the Pope to the Something Awful boards? My brain sometimes functions in mysterious ways on a Monday morning.
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