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I have always loved music. I have fond Everclear-like moments of "listening to the music on the AM radio." One thing I discovered in high school was "America's Top 40" with Casey Kasem. I used to sit in the church parking lot listening to the show instead of going to church. *lol* I wasn't so interested in the songs at the top of the charts as much as the ones that struggled to make it into the Top 40. That's where the new and exciting bands were to be found. When I made it to college I discovered that the library carried Billboard magazine. I would faithfully make a copy of the Hot 100 every week. I still have them stashed in a box somewhere. What a great way to relive memories from college! I became a student of the charts. I bought books on the history of the Billboard charts. It was fascinating looking at the history of pop music.

I slowly gave up my interest in the charts as more and more hip-hop and R&B acts entered the charts. It was music I didn't care about and bands that I have never heard of were entering the charts in the Top 10. There used to be a record of John Lennon's "Imagine" entering the chart at #20. This was equaled only by Michael Jackson in his Thriller days. Now everybody and their mother was scoring instant top 20 hits. There was also the question of exactly what was the nature of the accounting system used to calculate chart positions. Was it the radio listener who determined what was being played or was it corporate radio dictating what we listened to? Was chart position based on requests? Were sales based on how many people bought the record or how many records the stores bought? "Send me 10,000 Celene Dion albums!" Then 9,000 sit in the warehouse.

I decided to check out the charts the other day at
and was pleasantly surprised to see several new acts which I have been hearing on XM. What blew me away was that Panic! At The Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" was in the Top 40. How could they play that song on the radio with all of the times they say, "Goddamn" in that song. Well, I actually heard it on the radio while getting a burrito the other day and noticed that they edited out the word. *laughs* It sounded terrible!

I tend to prefer indie and alternative groups more than the pop crap. It's just nice to see when a group you have been following for awhile finally makes it big. On the one paw you can call them sellouts *cough* Green Day *cough* but on the other paw it's good to see that the teeny boppers are being exposed to new and exciting talent. It's certainly better than listening to pre-fabricated boy bands.
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