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Broken record

Sorry to sound like such a broken record. Perhaps I should stop listening to "Democracy Now" on the way home from work. Over the course of 2 weeks they have interviewed 2 US soldiers who are being court martialed for being AWOL. Their reason? War was icky! *facepaws* Either these are really simple minded people who can easily get sold a bill of goods from military recruiters or they rolled the dice that they would never actually be called up. Guess what? You rolled a 1! One woman went AWOL because she was being sexually harrassed. She said she slept with her commanding officer because, well, he was her commanding officer. Of course her EEO complaint mysteriously disappeared and she didn't have any documentation of the event. I guess my point is that the anti-war movement had better hitch their wagons to the right stars. Find the vet that had a limb blown off and is now getting the runaround. Find someone who witnessed atrocities or who has some documented proof of illegal activities. Stop putting up these losers who simply had a change of heart when they realized that they were going to be put into a shitty situation or that military life wasn't like those slick ads on t.v.
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