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Furry Hot Boxing

There is something I call the "furry high." It is a feeling of total euphoria one gets when discovering the fandom for the first time. I remember my time very well in 2002 when I found a bunch of like-minded people who didn't think that it was weird to want to transform into a bear or at the very least dress up like one. I think the high lasted about 6 months before it started to fade into a nice background buzz. Sometimes I get a contact high from those that enter the fandom and get all bouncy like I did years ago. Occasionally I'll just start to feel that high all over again. This usually happens after a successful furmeet or a con. Sometimes it just comes out of the blue.

I think I am just coming out of one of those periods. It struck a couple of weeks ago and I have been enjoying a nice resurgence in my love of all things anthropomorphic. After getting the news of my interview next week I decided to strike while the fire was hot. I sent off an email to the head of the office in yet another pitch to become an "official" mascot for Reclamation. I know there is at least one Otto the Otter costume floating around, Here is one pic from our official home page. I have seen a slightly different version floating around. It seems that the most important accessory is the red, white and blue striped swimsuit. I made the pitch that I would buy the suit myself as long as I get the time off to perform at any potential gigs. The swimsuit costume would only be used for official events, but I would be free to wear the generic otter suit for any gigs (or cons) on my own. Let's see if I get a bite.

In other furry news I was a bit surprised to have "Anna in Wonderland" pop up as a random video pick on YouTube. I wasn't logged in at the time so I don't know how they knew to pop up a furry vid. Perhaps there is a cookie somewhere. Anyway...I was interested in what comments people had posted regarding the video. I was a bit shocked to see comments like, "I'm a fur, but these people creep me out!" Similar comments were posted to another BBC video where they interviewed some London furs. I think some people should look in the mirror. If the sight of tails, ears, skritching, hugging, etc. freak you out, then perhaps you have issues of your own. Once again, this whole thing is supposed to be FUN! Lighten the F up! Yes, there are many furs who go over the line, but that's actually part of the fun. Weird is good! We don't want the likes of Nickleback Wolf to be poster children for the fandom, but it's the acceptance and openness which is one of the major selling point, IMHO. Some might scoff at that since there is a lot of hypocrisy out there, but I know I certainly try to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

And I will soon be on my to Chicago to celebrate my mom's birthday. Hopefully I'll get to meet a few Chicago furs on Saturday. Stay fluffy!
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