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Sweet Home Chicago

Kitty and I are back from our adventure in Chicago. Many thanks to linnaeus for giving us a ride downtown on Saturday for a most enjoyable day. It was great to have dinner with perro, darkwolph, duncandahusky, and takaza.

I was picked up at Midway on Thursday by my sister who had come into town a day earlier. I picked up Kitty on Friday and we immediately went to White Castle where we found 18 sliders for $10. After that it was dinner at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center where I ordered the most expensive appetizer evar! $95 for a cold seafood plate which included shrimp, oysters, lobster, and crab. I hadn't even asked about the price. *shrug* It was mom's birthday so a little splurge was in order. Like the old Chicago song, we spent Saturday in the park, Millenium Park that is. My mom had been complaining about the new sculpture Chicago had commissioned. It looks like a great big shiney bean. OMG! It's awesome! I'll post pics tomorrow. I definitely want to fursuit around it in November! There was also the Art Institute where Kitty got to see lots and lots of Monets, Manets, Van Goughs, Picassos, etc. We had met up with mirkowuff, but he had to take off early. Then there was dinner at a Swedish restaurant with all of the folks mentioned earlier. On Sunday Kitty and I hit up the Field Museum. We had wanted to see the Shedd Aquarium, but they were closing early for some reason (perhaps because the Bears were playing just down the street). We took a nice boat ride to Navy Pier and back. I showed Kitty Buckingham Fountain but we were pissed to find out that Lexus had leased the space around half of the fountain. WTF is up with that?!?! The City probably got shitloads of money for it, but they essentially closed off a public area for a private event. Wankers! I then took Kitty on a quick driving tour of downtown where I showed her lots of famous sculptures and movie locations i.e. Ferris Bueler, Blues Brothers, The Hunter, Adventures in Babysitting. We had a nice Bohemian dinner with my mom at a local restaurant. Today it was an early trip to the airport and a quick flight back to ABQ. And now here I am back at my desk getting caught up on work crap and, of course, LJ. Like I mentioned, pics will be forthcoming!
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