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A bit of a letdown

This weekend marks the start of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. I will be in the Grand Canyon this weekend, but I will go the following weekend with my sister who's coming to town. One thing that will be different this year from the past 3 years is that I won't be fursuiting. I fired off an email asking for permission to suit like I have in the previous years. This year I was turned down. *frown* I don't know the reason but I'm not going to push it. It used to be one of my favorite events since it has been referred to in the past as "the most photographed event in the world." This could have been to the fact that Kodak used to sponsor it. There were always lots of families, kids, and cameras. So I am a bit bummed out about this. Perhaps it was like the theater gig I tried to do for the "Over the Hedge" premier. There was a bad experience with a costume performer at some event and now there are no costumed performers. Perhaps because I don't represent some known organization. *shrugs* Oh well. I will do some guerrilla fursuiting at the Grand Canyon.
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