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Grand Can Con

OK. It wasn't a con, just a nice little furmeet with myself, Kitty, albear, dexter_fox, and scruff_e_coyote. You couldn't beat the location for the meet, The Grand Canyon! Perhaps we'll do this again next year and open it up to the general furry community. It's a bit expensive. It's relatively hard to get to. There is little to no wi-fi and/or cell coverage. All there is is gorgeous scenery, fresh air, lots of hiking opportunities, wildlife, good times, and noodle salad.

Kitty and I left ABQ on Friday morning. Scruff left from Mesa Verde, and Al and Dex left from LA. We all converged in the AZ desert in the afternoon. It was raining when we arrived, so we just got our drink on until it stopped. We were then treated to a gorgeous sunset with bright orange sunbeams streaking through low clouds with mist hanging in the lower gorge. This was my 5th or 6th visit to the canyon but the first for Al, Dex, and Kitty. It's always special to see, but that first impression is always the best. Al thought I was full of crap when I told him we were looking across 10 miles of canyon to the other side. One's sense of scale is the first thing to go when visiting the Canyon. It's hard to get your brain around the concept of a 1000'-2000' vertical drop and you're inches away! Unlike the Sears Tower or Empire State Building, there's nothing between you and the great blue wonder (or sweet thereafter). After we watched the sun sink below the horizon we retreated to the room where there was much drinking and socializing.

On Saturday I showed off my mad compass skllz by guiding us through the woods to a nearby viewpoint. It was only a half mile, but it was fun to take everyone on a walk through the woods. That's the thing about the canyon rim, it's very flat and heavily forested. You don't know there's a canyon there until you're right on top of it. We walked the rim for a bit and then took a shuttle bus to the far western edge of the park at Hermit's Rest. We all then went back to the room for sammiches and of course, more drinking. Scruff and I then did some fursuiting at one of the overlooks. That was great fun! We posed for many pictures with visiting families. The foreign tourists also loved us. We then went to the El Tovar Lodge for more pics. Once again we were pounced for pictures. We then headed back for showers (and more drinks) before heading out for a very elegant dinner at the El Tovar dining room. Not much partying happened afterwards because we were all stuffed and exhausted.

On Sunday we said goodbye to Al and Dex who headed home. Kitty and I went back to the Hermit's Rest area where we hiked a good portion of the rim. Scruff went to the far eastern end of the Rim Trail and hiked it in its entirety. Kitty and I explored the eastern part as well later in the day. I walked back during sunset while Kitty enjoyed the setting sun from an overlook. We all ended up back at the room a short time later. Dinner was at the cafeteria which was swamped by Asian tourists. Service sucked much ass but the trout I had was delicious!

On Monday we had a nice breakfast at the Bright Angel Lodge. Once again service sucked but the food was tasty! We all visited the major overlooks on the way out to the east. Eventually we lost Scuff as we exited the park and I never got to say goodbye. Sorry, Scruff! We ran into rain on and off through Arizona. The rain stopped long enough at Jack Rabbit, AZ for me to finally get my pic taken in fursuit atop the famous Route 66 landmark. Another fursuiting first! The weather then went to hell after that and we had heavy rain all the way into ABQ.

And now.....PICS!

If this doesn't make you want to go to the Grand Canyon, you have no sense of wonder for the natural world.

Group shot!

My favorite shot of Al and Dex. It almost looks like they're standing in front of a poster.

Another sunset pic

Yet another sunset pic

If Lewis and Clark were gay and furry...

Fursuiting the Canyon! Making folks happy!

More fursuiting!

Typical Canyon shot

Another typical Canyon pic

Watch that next step, Al!

A different sunset

Classic old billboard along old Route 66 now Interstate 40

Yee-haw! Ridin' teh bunneh in Jack Rabbit Arizona.

Thanks for the ride, babe. Love ya!
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