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Bob Villa I Ain't

One of the joys of being a homeowner is getting to take care of all the little things that go wrong. The other day I noticed that the house was getting pretty chilly in the mornings now. I had better get the furnace turned on just in case things got really cold. I lit the pilot and went to turn it on to make sure everything worked. I turned up the thermostat and nothing happened. There was no *click* as the set temperature went above the ambient temperature. Crap! I figured the thermostat had gone out. I made the trip to Home Depot and bought a nice new digital and programmable one. There were only 2 wires to connect, but I was unfamiliar with this particular type of connector. I went to the Honeywell website to see if I could gain any insight. I entered the model number and was told that nothing on the website matched. Great. I made the connection as best as I could and set the temp for something above the room temp. No furnace. Goddamnit! I went out to the furnace to see if there was a loose wire. When I removed the panel to check I noticed a little safety switch. I pressed the safety switch in and the furnace burst to life. It seems that I hadn't closed the panel all the way when I had checked the filter. *facepaws* Oh well. I now have a shiny new thermostat that only cost me $40 and will hopefully save me $$$ by programming it for a lower temp when I'm at work.

In other Mr. Fix-it FUBARs I bought nice reflective numbers for my new mailbox. When I went to mount them I noticed there was no backing to peel off to uncover the sticky stuff on the back. I then read that I had needed to buy double-sided tape in order to affix the numbers. *facepaws*
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