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'06 Balloon Fiesta

My sister and her husband came to town yesterday to go attend the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. It's good to know someone living here since hotels are usually booked. I awoke at my usual time, 5:45, this morning to see if the mass ascension was a go. Everything looked good according to the weatherman, so we headed off to the event. I wanted to try the park-and-ride since I know that driving to the Balloon Fiesta Park can be a lesson in frustration. We were a bit discouraged to find there were no buses waiting for us. After standing in line for 15-20 minutes the buses finally showed up. We were whisked to the park and dumped off right at the entrance. We were all hungry so we stood in a hellacious long line to get breakfast burritos. Through a combination of retarded people working behind the counter and retarded people placing orders it took over 30 minutes to get food. Finally the balloons launched. We munched on burritos as hot-air balloons filled the sky. The "box" was in full effect. One of the reasons Albuquerque has become a mecca for balloonists is that the wind conditions are perfect. Balloons launched and were quickly taken by strong winds coming out of the north. After ascending to 100' or so the balloons caught a wind coming out of the south which pushed them back over the park at a much higher altitude. The net effect is a sky completely filled with balloons directly overhead. Unfortunately the weather went sour very quickly and many pilots aborted takeoff. Soon the rain began which was a just a short lived drizzle. There was a mass exodus to the exits. The park-and-ride system then collapsed as thousands of people tried to make it back to their cars. We waited over an hour just to get on a bus. So much for being the quick and easy way into and out of the park. I could see why I wasn't allowed to fursuit this year. The stage was being used for a dedicated show unlike in previous years when it was open to all sorts of performers. I had specifically asked if I could use the dressing rooms next to the stage. With a set show using the stage, I could see why they didn't want me using the changing area. *shrugs* At least I know that I was not rejected because of something I had done in previous years.
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