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"Flags of Our Fathers"/"The Departed" reviews

Last week I got free tickets to an advanced screening of "Flags of Our Fathers." I invited furrysparkles to go with me. I think he enjoyed the movie more than I did. I was less than impressed with Clint Eastwood's latest directorial work. I was expecting a Pacific Theater "Saving Private Ryan." Judging from some comments in the IMDB, many others also thought this was going to a comprehensive movie about the battle of Iwo Jima. Instead the plot focused on the soldiers and sailors who raised the flag over the island, the picture eventually becoming a Marine Corps icon and one of the most famous photos to come out of WWII or any war. The plot jumped all over the place which added to the confusion of who exactly everyone was. I didn't care about the characters because I was never given any time to get to know them. If Eastwood would have done a straight timeline, I'm sure the audience would have been asleep by the last 30 minutes. They also added more "greatest generation" crap at the end which I am getting pretty sick of. The battle scenes in the movie were pretty good, but nowhere as good as " Saving Private Ryan." The steady-cam action was also too jerky and confusing. I give the flick 2 pots of honey out of 4.

Yesterday Kitty and I went to see Martin Scorsese's latest mobster flick, "The Departed." It's the tale of a policeman working undercover in the mob while the mobster has his own spy in the police department. It's a constant cat-and-mouse game of trying to find out who is working for who. By the end of the movie pretty much everybody ends up with a bullet in the head. It's a great flick, not as good as "Goodfellas," but a very good gangster/cop movie. I give it 3 1/2 pots of honey out of 4.

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