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"Chain Lightning, It Feels Sooooo Good"

A fun, furry Monday! I chatted on the phone with dexter_fox during my lunch hour, knowing he was at home awaiting his furniture (see his LJ for the gory details). I then met pagansparkles at the Blue Corn brewpub. I really like their food. While Sparki stopped at one mixed drink, I enjoyed 3 pints of porter. Mmmmm.

After dog walking, I tried to fix my clothes dryer. I replaced a broken belt and thought that would be it. Unfortunately, I can't find the tension adjustment, so it just slips over the motor shaft. *growl* I'll have to get my paws all greasy tonight to figure it out. If I can't figure it out, should I pay for a service call? I bought it for $50 13 years ago. A service call will probably cost that much, but a brand new dryer would probably only cost $300 or so. Hrumph!
I then started chatting online. I inadvertantly pissed off my beloved albear by denying his request to show his webcam. I thought he was joking, so I shut off my Yahoo chat. I was then pounced by bradhound, so we started chatting. I checked my "Freinds" on LJ and saw that Al was really hurt by my denial, but that he was also drunk. So I quickly phoned him and found a very sloshed bear. Everything was o.k. We quickly kissed and made up and we tried to carry on a drunken chat. He amazed me how coherently he typed and how long he survived without passing out. *evil grin* I know he's blushing right about now! So I maxed out with 7 windows open, although only one or two active chats. I was having a nice chat with avenginglioness when I noticed bright flashes to the north. Soon I could see streaks of lightning, so I said "good night" to the Lioness and shut down the computer for fear of an electrical surge (even though I do have a supressor).

The lightning storm was WONDERFUL! Not wimpy little flashes of cloud-to-cloud, but big honking bolts of cloud-to-ground that lasted for a good second and were bright enough to leave an image on your retinas for seconds afterwards. I watched in awe as the storm passed nearly directly overhead. I sat there in the open window soaking up the energy of the atmosphere. The rains finally came, and I had to close the window. I then watched the storm move off into the valley. It was still throwing off lots of lightning, so I got my video camera out and recorded a few minutes of it. I captured a few good blasts. It's basically a tape of 10 minutes of darkness, punctuated occassionally by incredible streaks across the sky. I've recorded at least one storm a year since moving to ABQ. They are pretty boring, but the soundtracks with the wind, rain, and thunder, are wonderful. I love witnessing the awesome power of nature......from a distance.
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