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Zoo Boo '06

My! What a wonderful weekend! The fun started on Friday night when thegreenarcher treated Kitty and myself to Brazilian BBQ which we referred to as "the meat fountain." There's nothing quite like all you can eat meat! His co-worker joined us which was just fine since she was very fur-friendly. The highlight of the evening was when we were making a cock and balls out of a plantain and 2 cheese balls. She was going to add spoo in the form of butter when the butter packet exploded in her hands. Mmmmmm. Butter bukake!

Saturday was Zoo Boo! tenax came up from Socorro to fursuit as Ralph Wolf. He brought skitzycat and shimmerfox with him. A few other NM Furs joined us at the zoo. We picked up thegreenarcher at his hotel, and he brought his panda partial. It was another near-perfect fursuiting gig. There were tons of kids and families with cameras. Like last year I pretty much stayed in one spot since it was non-stop picture taking. Kitty did an outstanding job herding pushy parents who wanted to get their kids a pic with me. The temperature was wonderful although a little breeze would have been nice. In all we suited about 2 to 2.5 hours. I would have suited longer but I was overruled by a hungry mob. We placed an order for several pizzas which I picked up on the way home. We all then re-grouped at Fur Central for an impromptu furmeet. There was much devouring of pizza, drinking mass quantities of soda, and consumption of pie and ice cream. There was also video gaming and several rounds of Apples to Apples as well as a showing of "The Wild" which we ended up MST3K'ing. All in all it was a great time!

Oh yes! And a few pics!
The NM Furry gang!

Nevada's favorite costume of the day! I'm such a Speed Racer fanboi.

Now THAT'S a smile! Really! He was all happy!

Another adorable kid
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