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LJ...We Know Drama

My goodness! What was it with people the other day?!? I haven't seen LJ dripping with so much drama and emo-ness in a long time. I used to hate it when trolls would insult someone and then go, "*LOL* Internet!" but seriously, people, lighten up! The Internet is NOT serious business! If someone unfriends you, do not go off on some tirade on how no one loves you! I have unfriended people in the past not because I didn't like them but because they were clogging up my Friends page with 4 or 5 posts a day which were all the length of novels. That also goes for folks who do nothing but memes and quizzes. But for the love of doG, don't go and do a post naming names and why you now hate them. That is such un-necessary drama! An exception would be if someone truly wronged you and it would be beneficial to others to know what another person was capable of doing. It's not a valid reason to get all emo because nobody leaves comments on your LJ. Post something worth commenting about! If every post is how your life sucks and you want to die, you will find a certain thing I call altruism burnout. A person can just take so much before it's wash, rinse, repeat. If advice is not being taken or nothing is being done to improve your situation, people will get tired of sounding like broken records. We all need a hug or words of encouragement from time to time. When that becomes a daily occurrence, it starts to lose meaning.

One of the worst types of post is the one where people get mad at others for having a good time. This is really shallow! Are you mad because people are having fun but your life sucks? Then do something about your life to make it stop sucking! Once again, we all go through periods when we're down and life seems to be crapping on us. Those will hopefully be counteracted with moments of pleasure and joy. To tear someone down during those times is truly a hurtful thing.

Another type of post I hate is the totally vague post. "Oh! I'm so mad!" is not a good post. Why are you mad? Are you simply looking for attention and/or validation? If you're in a silly mood and just type something like "Porkchop Sandwich!" just to see what sort of comments you get, that's one thing. "Fuck it!" is another thing. If you want sympathy or an ear to listen to you, please be a little more specific so that we can give you the help/advice you might need.

Chat is another potential source of drama. If someone makes a off-handed insult to you on chat, do not throw gasoline on burning bridges. I have had a few arguments with friends because of something said on chat because an emoticon was left out. It is an imperfect medium of communication. You miss out on emotions behind the words that would not happen if you were talking FTF or even on the phone.

LJ is a place to put down your emotions as well as the day-to-day goings on of your life. Don't censor yourself or try to be someone you're not. That sort of defeats the purpose. But please! Think before you post. Are you spamming your friends? Are you putting down the same thing day after day? Are you saying something worthwhile?
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