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Halloween report

I have seen a few posts today about how Halloween is losing it's importance/relevance. I guess I have to agree. Even as a fursuiter I was less than enthusiastic about last night. Perhaps because the holiday fell on a Tuesday. Who the hell likes to party hardy on a Tuesday?!? For me the "real" party was last Saturday at and after Zoo Boo.

I thought about wearing a fursuit to work, but I figured it wouldn't be that appreciated. I did wear my tail but it was unnoticed. I even walked through downtown with it during lunch hour. There was a party going on at Civic Plaza, but the mariachi band that was playing was so awful I had to get the heck out of there. I did see one fursuiter while walking around. Someone had on a cheap Big Bird suit. Oh well. At least there was a suiter.

While walking Anubis I started getting into a funk. It has been a tradition to fursuit while passing out candy. This year my heart just wasn't into it. After getting a few trick-or-treaters I decided to suit up. I put on my cheap parrot suit. I have rarely worn it since the head is not securely attached to anything, but I thought it would be a good suit to wear around the house for just that reason. Once I passed out the candy I could quickly remove the head and go back to drinking and watching t.v. I started to get a little hot and de-suited after a few trick-or-treaters. I put on my footed sleeper instead. *lol* I guess I dressed up like a babyfur.

We also had an impromptu furmeet. feralmuse and her mate litnapalm came over with a friend of theirs. A couple of other local furs, Damian and Druid, also showed up along with thipher_84 as well as our roomie ari_foxy. Later in the evening project122 showed up with her entourage. It ended up being a nice get-together. We had made lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and pecan pie. Everyone ate their fill while "Army of Darkness" played on the big screen and Apples to Apples was played around the kitchen table.

Tonight Kitty and I are going to the theater to see a musical. Kitty says it was big on Broadway. I think it's about a fat black talk show host who gets mutilated and then takes out her wrath on the t.v. studio. It's called "Phantom of the Oprah." *rimshot* Seriously. We are going to see "Phantom" tonight. I sure hope it's better than the movie.
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