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So Kitty and I went to see "Phantom of the OprahOpera" last night. Since it was the touring company and not just a local group performing it, we got to see a Broadway-quality performance. There were lavish sets and special effects. During one scene I had visions of a Great White concert as flames shot up from the stage. I enjoyed it much more than the movie version of the musical. The songs were very nice. The plot overall still has a lot to be desired, but *shrugs* it's a musical. What can one expect?

I nearly fell asleep during the 1st act. I don't know why I was so darn tired, but I found my eyes closing during the mushy love scene in the Phantom's lair. I knew I had to take drastic measures. During intermission I bought a nice cup of coffee. That did the trick. In fact, it worked too well. When we got back home just before 11 I was still pretty wired. It took an hour of reading LJ to finally knock me down to where I could fall asleep.

Kitty and I are going to vote early today. For the 1st time in my life I am going to vote a straight democratic ticket. I have always considered myself a Democrat, but if a Republican candidate was more qualified, I would vote for him. I have always considered myself liberal on social issues and conservative on financial issues. Since the Republicans have botched up both over the past 5 years, I feel I have to vote for change solely for change's sake. I don't particularly like Patricia Madrid for Congress. I think she will be busted for corruption somewhere down the road because she just has this air of sleaze around her. I do think, however, that Heather Wilson is a Bush yes-woman and I will vote against her for just that reason. *sigh* I really despise politics. As much as I hate the 2-party system it is better than the tyranny of one party rule.
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