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Doggy Dash '06

Yesterday was Doggie Dash and Dawdle. It's the biggest fundraiser for Animal Humane. This marks my 4th appearance at the gig. In 2003 I used a cheap dog mask and and old bear body suit to make a bear-ly passable mascot. The next year I debuted Zunipup. Last year I performed with Ralph Wolf (aka tenax) This year I was by myself with the help of Kitty as handler. It was once again an awesome event to suit. If you think it's difficult interacting with hundreds of kids, how about interacting with hundreds of dogs! Most little dogs liked Zunipup. Bigger dogs were more intimidated. The funniest part of the day was that most dogs immediately went to sniff my butt. I had lots of people laughing as I acted all embarrassed by the nosings. I posed for lots of pics and even met Orbit at the event. I out-danced his ass when we were both on stage getting the crowd warmed up. I also had the pleasure of interacting with a wolf that was there as part of a wolf rescue organization. He actually warmed up to Zuni very quickly. The only other thing of note was that this was the first event I used my old 4-person camping tent. It actually worked very well for a changing/rest area. It was just a bit funky after spending 6+ years in the garage.

Oh, I suppose you want some pics...
Zuni and wolf

Hmmmmmm. Which one is me? *grins*

Hanging out with local weatherman Steve Stucker

Dog fuzzles!

We even met furrysparkles there with his dog

Uber-cute kid who was fascinated by Zuni's nose

Every year they want Zuni to pose in a car. I won't complain!
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