Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote,
Sabot L'ours

Christmas Comes Early!

Most furs point to Disney's "Robin Hood" as a movie that greatly influenced them into becoming a furry. I have always found that "A Christmas Story" had a great influence on me. Every time I saw Ralphie in his pink bunny suit I always went, "I WANT THAT SUIT!" I always wanted to be a cute pink bunny. Kitty tried to make a suit last year but failed in her efforts. We debuted the "suit" at last year's FC when we tried to recreate the famous scene from the movie at the Variety Show. It wasn't a very good skit since we violated the rules of putting on a good skit by having limited rehersals. Quite frankly it looked like it was slapped together, but then again, many skits look that way.

My quest for a bunny suit continued. I asked our friend feralmuse if she would attempt it. She had wanted to break into the fursuit making business and this was her opportunity to gain the skills. Unfortunately her regular job got in the way and the suit remains unfinished.

I then asked djmermaid and jovino who had started up a company called Bunnywarez which made bunny themed clothing accessories. They had a table set up at last year's FC selling animal hats. I asked them if they would be interested in attempting an open-faced bunny fursuit made from the same pink fluffy fabric they used on my pink bunny hat I had bought from them at FC. It was their biggest project yet but they accepted the commission. I was hoping it would arrive before I left for MFF. With today being a holiday, there would be no mail. It had to arrive by Thursday or the suit wouldn't debut until FC. Praise be Jeebus! It arrived!

I present to you.....
The Deranged Easter Bunny!

So, do I look like a pink nightmare?

BTW, I had them design it as essentially a bondage fursuit so the entire thing is 1 piece. They did an incredible job! It's a bit warm so I will only be wearing it in Winter (or at cons). I did end up falling asleep in it last night. So comfy!
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