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Guerrilla Fursuiting: Chicago Style!

As far as I'm concerned, my fursuing efforts for MFF are already complete. If I don't suit a moment at the con, it would be perfectly fine with me. Why? I already had my fun! You might remember several weeks ago when Kitty and I paid a visit to the Windy City we took a lot of pics at the new sculpture known lovingly as "The Bean." Of course my thought at the time was, "This would be a great place to fursuit!" Heck, that's my thought 99% of the time *grins*. Since we had time in Chicago and I had a fursuit with me, we decided to head downtown and fulfill my dream.

We parked in the underground lot right under Millennium Park where the Bean resides. I suited up and hit Michigan Ave. I was immediately a big hit with tourists. We got to the park and I was mobbed for pics. *smiles* It was wonderful! A little girl had a conversation with me in Portuguese and I just smiled and nodded my head as she went on at a mile a minute. Her parents were translating that she was in love with the raccoon and it was just like Disneyland. Kitty got some great shots of ne enthralled with the giant shiney. Of yes, I forgot to mention that I had suited up as Abbey. I decided to bring the raccoon suit specifically because I had planned on guerrilla fursuiting. What better suit to have to interact with a huge shiney! I was a bit worried about security because they were all over the place. It was a public park, but one is never sure. The only comment I got was from a guard who wanted the suit because she was freezing. Oh yes, it was a fursuiter's dream in terms of weather, mostly sunny with temps in the 40's with a nice breeze. As I made my way out of the park I posed for a pic with a nice lady from Ireland. She gave me the best compliment a fursuiter could get, "Oh my! You don't smell!" *LOL*

That could have been the end of the story, but I decided to push my luck a little more. After a brief stop at Walgreen's so Kitty could get some gloves (yes, I fursuited the store), we headed down to Marshall Fields Macy's. They brought back the tradition of animatronic figures in the store windows which told a story. This would bring back fond memories from my childhood. A Christmas would not be complete without a trip down State Street to see the wonderful dancing and singing characters in the windows (think "It's a Small World"). I hit State Street and was once again mobbed by families wanting pics. I had to endure the overheard comments by the families of, "Oh my! Macy's is doing a wonderful thing!" *facepaws* Such is the fate of a guerrilla fursuiter. There was a Macy's employee out there who was giving me the eye, but it was a public sidewalk so there was nothing they could say. Heck, if they allow bums to solicit money they must certainly allow a cute critter to solicit hugs! The theme of this year's window display was "Mary Poppins". It was a far cry from the wonderful displays I remember as a child. In fact, it was downright lame. We finally made our way back to Millennium Park where I got some pics by the fountain that displayed giant faces. The water was off but the faces were on. After some pics we headed back to the car and I de-suited. All-in-all an extremely wonderful outing!

I will once again state that I find it much more rewarding to suit for the public than to suit at a con. At a con, you're preaching to the choir. Unless you have some new "WOW!" creation, you are just another fursuiter. Out in the public you are bringing something totally new to them. They don't know the difference between a homemade suit or a Scribblefox. You're breaking down their reality for a moment and hopefully inspiring childhood memories of giant animals on kid's shows or theme parks. You add a little fun to their lives. That's why I encourage people to get out there in suit. You leave behind the safe environment of a con hotel, but you bring joy to so many people.

And now.....PICS!

Abbey and the Bean

Reflections of a coon

Kitty and coon

A different type of shiney!

A Chicago icon. It will never be Macy's to me (or many Chicagoans)

One of the better window displays

Just another coon crossing Michigan Ave.

The nice Irish woman who liked the fresh-smelling coon

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